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Lomar Shipping Limited

We have contracted VTS Consultancy UK Ltd. to visit our growing fleet of vessels and conduct annual vibration analysis on all critical rotating equipment with a view of preventing unscheduled downtime and costly failures. VTS reports provide our Chief Engineers with easy to follow corrective maintenance instructions.

Mr Stylianos Papageorgiou, Technical Director, Lomar Shipping Limited



London Ship Managers Ltd.

Why Bother with vibration monitoring? Why use VTS?

Two years ago, London Ship Managers undertook the initiative to have their vessels subjected to Vibration Monitoring. The reasoning behind this was to try and confirm and identify existing defects on equipment, to find defects which would require planned maintenance in the near future, begin a data base to improve existing PMS and predominately try to remove unnecessary and unplanned breakdowns of equipment.

The cost saving became self-evident after the first year bi-annual VTS attendances.

The LSM fleet, although small in number, currently has four vessels in excess of 25 years of age. Because of the age of the equipment, spares have become increasingly difficult to obtain and it is therefore also increasingly important to maintain the existing plant in as best operating condition as possible.

After having VTS make initial visits to each vessel, an initial assessment was able to be provided, after which specific maintenance was able to be conducted. Subsequent VTS attendance indicated improvements and in some cases, further deterioration of equipment was identified.

Further analysis and the build-up of a data base, paved the way to an on-board maintenance program within the existing PMS system, where reports of specific repairs on specific equipment is undertaken and sent to VTS. By using the on-board hand held monitoring equipment, even though not as accurate as VTS equipment, nevertheless gives results which VTS can then assess and provide further recommendations.

After a couple of attendances by VTS, LSM were able to identity and isolate differing defects causing early failures. The ability to distinguish between a bearing failing, a drive coupling alignment problem or a bedplate foundation defect is causing the problem has saved on the physical maintenance time.  

LSM have so far worked on a twice yearly attendance by VTS. This has proved cost effective, even to the extent of proving it is  better in some cases to replace a motor rather than, for example, trying to have a motor re-wound or bearing housings sleeved.

In most case a 5 yearly program of bearing change had been instigated, regardless of the bearing condition found; but condition was previously only determined after opening up the equipment. We have found that due to so many OEM bearings on the market, it is difficult to be provided with real good quality genuine bearings and so failures have increased and a 5 year change out program is in reality, no longer a practical operating procedure.

Using VTS allows for a change out before a breakdown occurs by identifying imminent potential failures before they occur. This assists LSM in its planning of maintenance, allowing known repair requirements to be undertaken outside of loading/discharging periods which has virtually eliminated loss of downtime during cargo operations.  

That is why LSM Bother with vibration monitoring! That is why LSM use VTS!

Mr Michael Seymour, Fleet Manager, London Ship Managers Ltd.



Norbulk Shipping UK Ltd

During my time as Fleet Manager, VTS visited 18 of my vessels in Davao, Costa Rica and UK on an annual basis to conduct vibration analysis surveys on critical rotating equipment. Upon completion of the surveys, the recommendation reports were issued to the superintendent, highlighting the areas on the problematic machinery and clearly indicating the steps necessary to return to satisfactory condition.

The vessels crews have been providing feedback and photographs which are used to validate the VTS analysis and findings.

These annual surveys have helped to improve the condition of critical rotating equipment, thereby mitigating the potential for equipment failure and unscheduled downtime.

Mr John Taylor, Fleet Manager, I.Eng.,IMarEng.,MIMarEST.




The vibration analysis by VTS gave us immediate results, not just indicating equipment on the edge of breaking down but also accurately indicating which part of the equipment is causing the vibration. The difference between VTS and other companies offering vibration analysis is the thorough knowledge their engineers. VTS provided us with reports created by their engineers with clear and accurate recommendations preventing air compressors, ventilators and pumps from costly breakdowns.

Mr Stijn Vodde, Technical Superintendent